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Mobile Development

Want your mobile app look stunning and professional?

Stick to professionals, a simple answer, but often not taken into consideration.

The following free advice: avoid working with "We can do everything" companies. Hopefully, everybody knows the rule of 10,000 hours. There is no other way except spending much time in your industry and specialty to become a real professional. 

A typical developer working (really working) about 6 hours per day, a simple math approximation with taking in account vacations, illnesses, holidays, etc. gives us ~1,320 hours annually of the real working experience.

10,000 / 1,320 = ~7.5 years is required to become a true professional. 

​That's why we do not position ourselves as experts in everything, for instance, backend development is a different world. A huge mistake will be hiring the backend solutions service provider to develop a mobile solution and vice-versa. The same with the fintech industry, if you never developed the mobile solutions for the banks or other financial institutions, you have no idea of the real industry requirements and standards. That's just a fact.


So, there is no way to "save money" by ordering all-inclusive services in one place. All-inclusive is a cheap and low-level service by definition. If you need an aesthetic visual concept, hire a design agency. Looking for scalable and productive backend solution - work with the backend focused companies. Already have a backend (a common situation for fintech startups) but need a great mobile user experience, aesthetic design, and implementation - work with mobile solution providers. 


We've been at the pioneering edge of mobile innovation since it all began (BC. times - Symbian, j2me, WinMobile). Overall mobile development experience is more than 12 years. Want to learn more about our processes? Check out our blog - we glad to share our experience with a community!

Mobile development process and other articles 

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